Karambit Utility Blade

Karambit Utility Blade

Karambit Utility Blade

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Description Karambit Utility Blade Description:

* S30V Crucible blade steel Teflon® finish * Built as specified by Steve Tarani * 6.5" fixed blade length * 3/16" blade thickness * Includes sheath with neck chain and pullthe-dot loops for inside-the-waist-belt wear. * Imported

5 .11 Tactical® and Blade-Tech® have partnered on the production of 5 .11's selfbranded knives and on 5 .11's Tarani knife series. Together we have partnered with Fox Knives USA for the production of our new collections of knives. 5.11® CEO Dan Costa adds "We're very pleased to work with Mike Vellekamp for the design of our new knives and to collaborate with Blade-Tech and Fox Knives USA for the production of these new blades."

Steve Tarani is a subject matter expert (SME) advisor to US FBI US DEA US TSA US NSA and other agencies as well as an active federal use-of-force training contractor utilized by US DOJ US DHS US DOD OGA and others. His programs of instruction have been accepted as s"Tan"dard curriculum for federal and state-accredited programs. Tarani is additionally the architect of the International Chiefs of Police (IACP) Model Policy on the carry and u"Sage" of knives by federal state and municipal peace officers.

Every first responder whether it is Law Enforcement EMS Fire or Special Operations knows the impor"Tan"ce of having a dependable tactical knife available for critical incidents. 5.11 Tactical series has stepped up by partnering with Steve Tarani a world-renowned knife specialist to bring a line of high quality tactical knives to the first responder market.

When you need the service of a high quality tactical knife you can depend on 5.11 Tactical Series to give you exceptional functionality at a great price. Don't spend another day without your Karambit Utility Blade at your side.

***** The sale possession transportation and use of knives are subject to a wide variety of local state federal and international laws. As a result it is your responsibility to familiarize yourself and comply with all laws that might be applicable to your purchase possession transportation use or resale of our knives. To do so we recommend that you contact your local law enforcement agencies.

By placing your order with us you are representing to us that you will comply with all applicable laws and that you are of legal age and furthermore you agree to hold us harmless from your failure to comply with these requirements. We do not and will not sell knives to minors. Please consult your product warranty for complete information regarding the scope of the warranties we provide with regard to our knives.


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