Glock 26 27 Training Barrel

Glock 26 27 Training Barrel

Glock 26 27 Training Barrel

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Training Barrel Description:

* High Impact Plastic * Bright yellow shows in ejection port and muzzle * Allows use of service weapon * Designed for use in realistic scenarios

5.11 Tactical Series unders"Tan"ds the need for all members of Law Enforcement to have high quality and safe training opportunities. We recognize the impor"Tan"ce of using service weapons when involved in realistic training scenarios and have partnered with Blade-Tec to provide a safe solution. Our Training Barrels easily replace factory barrel with a bright yellow high impact plastic insert that guarantees everyone around you knows your handgun is safe. You can now train in realistic scenarios and defensive tactics with your own gun and be comfortable knowing that you are no threat to your partners. This training barrels allows you to cycle your handgun and pull the trigger in complete safety.

Functionality Made of high impact plastic our yellow Training Barrels cannot be missed in a training situation. Everyone in the scenario can rest assured that they are safe from the possibility of an accidental discharge when they see the firearm pointed at them during training. Easy to insert and remove these training barrels are a must for any realistic training situation where there will be no live fire.

Durability Our Training Barrels are extremely durable and won’t harm your pistol in any way. You’ll have high visibility via the ejection port and muzzle and they can be used over and over again. Our training barrels are easily and quickly inserted into your handgun for impromptu training session.

Fit With the ability to fit into twenty-six different firearms the 5.11 Training Barrels are guaranteed to provide you a safe training session where the use of a handgun is required. If the officers in your department use different model handguns the variety of training barrels in our arsenal will suit most departmental needs.

Value Our Training Barrels are an absolute necessity for training in scenarios where the use of a handgun is required. Officers can now train with the gun they use on the street without fear of accidental discharge at a minimal cost. Our trainings barrels are a great value for an individual officer or an entire department.