Double Mag Pouch - Glock Double Stack 45 Cal

Double Mag Pouch - Glock Double Stack 45 Cal

Double Mag Pouch - Glock Double Stack 45 Cal

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Double Mag Pouch Description:

* Proprietary blend of polymers * Won’t soften in extreme temperatures * Slick-surface polymer won’t wear the mag * Adjustable belt loop (fits 1-1/4” to 2-1/4” belts)

5.11 Tactical and Blade-Tec have partnered together to bring you the Revolution™ Magazine Pouches. These Magazine Pouches will securely carry your pistol’s magazine and provide quick access when it’s time to reload.

Functionality Made of a proprietary blend of polymers the Revolution™ Magazine Pouches won’t deform in temperatures of up to 300º F and will not become brittle in sub zero conditions. You can carry your handgun magazines with a sense of security and safety knowing that they will stay put until you need them.

Storage The Revolution™ Magazine Pouches accommodate a variety of magazines. Be sure to select the correct magazine pouches for your pistol magazines.

Durability Other injection molded magazine pouches deform or even melt at lower temperatures than the 5.11 Tactical Revolution™ Magazine Pouches. Our magazine pouches are designed to last a lifetime and will provide you superior service in any and all temperatures and conditions.

Fit The Revolution™ Magazine Pouches offer comfort adjustability and easy access to your magazines. The magazine pouches can accommodate belt widths from 1-1/4” to 2-1/4” and can be positioned to have the magazine pouches ride higher or lower on the belt. Designed to fit you and your magazines the Revolution™ Magazine Pouches are extremely comfortable. Comfortable magazine pouches are an absolute necessity when carrying magazines for long periods of time. Each magazine pouches have an adjustable retention screw which allows you to determine the snugness of fit for each magazine.

Value At only $19.99 Magazine Pouches are an EXTREME value. Designed to last a lifetime our durable blend of proprietary polymers will hold up under any and all conditions you may encounter.